In 1980’s almost 80% of the welding electrodes was imported into Pakistan and the rest was manufactured locally. Our story started in 1984 in a small compound of SITE, Karachi where the founder of the company envisioned the unthinkable at the time, i.e. to reverse these odds and take the welding industry of the nation to a next level where the majority if not all, would be manufactured locally.

We started with only two things in our hands: one small production line and one ‘impossible’ dream. During our 33 years journey there has been many ups and down, many gigantic leaps and many road block, but the ‘impossible’ has been made possible. Today, Shanghai Industries (Pvt) Ltd is the flag-bearer of the welding industry of Pakistan but our journey is just starting. It was the nation and its people that took this company to where it is today, now we consider it our mission to work along with the people and take this nation to new heights.

Pak Bridge


We have been in collaboration with Shanghai Industries for the past 10 years, and the quality of products they have delivered over the years is nothing but matchless.

Talha Aslam

Our company has been working with Shanghai Industries for over 15years and since then we have witnessed a tremendous boost in our business growth for a period of time, Our relationship with Shanghai Industries is only getting better day by day.

Ijaz Khan