Quality Assurance


The term quality means much more to us than just first-class quality welding electrodes. We attach great importance to the complete quality management, from the product development and manufacture to the customer; therefore we are leading electrode manufacturers in Pakistan. We do not consider quality as perfectionism or an end in itself, but it should always be aimed at our customers expectations.


Our objective is to provide a system that promptly detects non-conformances and provides timely and effective control and corrective actions. Our Quality system establishes an effective means of assuring product quality. It is our policy to provide full compliance with the quality system throughout all facets of contract performance and the order fulfillment process. This ensures that all of our products and services meet or exceed the international standards. Our organization operates the quality system as an overall management system for all products.

Our Quality Policy

Shanghai Industries Private Limited is committed to the provision of a flawless, prompt, effective and solution oriented customer service via efficient resource utilization and continuous improvement of both employees and suppliers and also commits to:

  • Ensure the effective application of our quality management system by every unit by creating an extensive quality awareness
  • Improve all units’ process performances via quality management system, thereby reducing costs while enhancing quality
  • Continue to be the best solution partner and sustain the customer satisfaction by innovative welding product and services for customers and project partners
  • Support trainings to contribute to the professional development and competence of our employees
  • Increase the number of long-term relationships with outstanding suppliers that are deemed to be indispensable solution partners for the sustainability of high quality of our products
  • Instill the team spirit within Shanghai staff, regional dealers and customers and thereby continue to become a global brand in welding sector

All the materials that are used in the production and services of Shanghai Industries are tested at fully-equipped and modern laboratories during the entrance, process and final quality control stages. These processes are closely monitored and are recorded from the very first stage to the last.


Health and safety is a way of life, it is not restricted to the workplace. We encourage all employees and contractors to make safety their top priority, not just at work but also as an essential part of their everyday life. Everyone needs to ‘think safety’ and show consideratoin for the safety of others.

Shanghai Industries is continually aiming to constantly improve this safety awareness and practice through a continous improvement program, which includes a number of initiatives;

  1. Development of an improved safety culture through our ongoing training program, occupational health cover and risk assessments.
  2. To adopt accident data as a Key Performance indicator.
  3. To reduce the lost time accident frequency rate, year on year.
  4. To undertake regular safety inspections.

Health & Safety policy – general statement

Shanghai Group’s policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We accept our responsibility for the health & safety of other people, including contractors and the public, who may be affected by our activities.

Shanghai Group undertakes to maintain compliance with all its legal obligations in relation to health & safety with the full support of the senior management team.

Employees have a duty to co-operate fully in the operation of this policy and a responsibility not to endanger their own health and safety nor to put others at risk. They should follow safe working practices applicable to their work at all times.

The Shanghai Industires policy is kept up to date, with particular reference to monitored safety performance and to any changes in legislation or the operations of the business. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it is operated is reviewed and updated annually.